Dance Fight Grow Seminars are 2 day workshops. Well suited for newcomers and for deepening what has already been experienced. Basic techniques, methods of coping with stress, body awareness, intuition, flow, pleasure in moving … and much more.

You will need your own sticks!

… experiment, research and train for more than two days or deepen a certain topic. Festivals, be in your element, moving on the edge, deepening improvisation …and more

Dance Fight Grow annual training from May to November, 3 weekend seminars and 3 intensive seminars. Intensive immersion over a longer period ensures that the information is firmly anchored in your own body and mind and that work is integrated into your everyday life. Easy for you … or for use in your own field of work for educators, therapists, artists, social workers …

… you would like to offer workshops yourself or integrate dance fight grow into your field of work?

4 years of intensive training enable you to do this. Theory and practice units, individual coaching, own projects, performance …

Dance and combat choreographies for theater and independent groups, theater companies, own plays and collaborations ….

Leadership Training, Team Building

… stick fighting, dance, social learning, we are strong children, happiness, strength, health, self-confidence, integration, addiction and violence prevention, choreographies for theater groups, educational days … project for students and teachers.