… Contemporary dance, contact improvisation and Filipino stick fighting.

As humans, we learn best by playing. No matter whether you are an experienced dancer / martial artist or a newcomer, in this playful setting you will learn dance and fighting techniques, principles of martial arts and dance such as: space, time, rhythm , Shape, clarity … and much more, especially about yourself. How we move determines who we are.
We discover the dancing, creative space, as well as the combative, powerful and dynamic in us. We are fast and slow, serious and playful, wild and gentle, sometimes acrobatic and upside down and then centered again and with our feet firmly on the ground. Don’t worry, all of this will come alongside during the seminar. In an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance, it’s about becoming aware of ourselves. Trying it out, challenging us, leaving the comfort zone and playing allows us to recognize, develop and use our full potential as a human being.

In the first part of the day we learn and practice a basic vocabulary in movement and combat. Drills, rhythm games and differentiated stroke sequences of flowing elegance promote right-left and eye-hand coordination and bring us into our strength and uprightness. We use the pause for our security and so we can better assess risks. How can I learn and train effectively? How do I free myself from habits and make room for new things?

In the second part we integrate the moving and the practiced. Body work, relaxation, slowing down, movement techniques currently support us to communicate awake and clearly, even without words. Let yourself be touched and moved, immerse yourself in the senses, perceptual training, with each other, towards each other, away from each other…. a space full of ideas, creativity, uniqueness, pictures and stories is created. What does it mean to be in the moment? To be in the flow and free? We notice that everyone is dancing. We lead the improvisation out of arbitrariness and marvel at the result and the influence on our everyday life.

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The seminars are very suitable for newcomers and also to supplement and deepen your knowledge.

“Dance Fight Grow is a powerful experience of your own physical potential …”


17. – 18. June
with Benjamin”Lonely Dog” Rittiner

210.- €

08. – 09. July

180.- €

07. – 08. October

180.- €

14. – 15. October

180.- €

10. – 12. November


18. – 19. November

220.- SFR

25. – 26. November

180.- €

02. – 03. Dec

180.- €

For these and other seminars, I would be happy to come to your organization, city, educational institution.