Dance Fight Grow

DFG Summer Retreat / August 05. - 13, 2024 in Spain

The Summer Retreat Dance Fight Grow is a highlight of the year. A time full of exchange and intensity.
Exercise, dance, fight, eat, celebrate and just be together in the wonderful ambience of an old finca. We combine the art of movement and personal growth and use nature, the house and many exciting locations as inspiration. In the water and in magical places in the forest, in the quarry, in clearings, in medieval places, we connect with the elements and find a new perception and sensuality.
On the basis of contemporary dance, contact improvisation and Filipino stick fighting art, we strengthen awareness of ourselves, learn creativity, curiosity and communication. Playing with dance and fighting challenges and encourages us as a whole (body-mind-work) and brings the opposites and extremes into balance. We train the mind as well as our body, strengthen our health, fitness, lightness…. In an atmosphere of acceptance and trust, a space is created for self-development and self-fulfillment, which everyone can use in their own way. We enlarge our comfort zone and find inner freedom. Touch, exchange, being in the flow, learning to learn, letting yourself go, letting change happen, silence …. The unexpected can arise and astonish us.

The morning consists of movement and technique training in contemporary dance, contact improvisation and Filipino martial arts. We learn and research a basic vocabulary with which we can later experiment and communicate. Strength, momentum, coordination, elegance and permeability are almost incidental. With a lot of humor and effortlessly, we look at old patterns of movement. We find new solutions and open new spaces inside.

The second part of the day consists of body work (Releasework), improvisation and composition. The principles of martial arts and dance become visible.  How can i move free through space and time? Closeness and distance, attention, mindfulness… How do all the incredible locations and nature work in combination with music and silence?  Pictures and stories emerge full of uniqueness and urgency.

There is always an open space where we show and share techniques and other skills in dance, theatre and martial arts.


August 05 – 13, 2022
Arrival: Aug 4.
Departure: Aug 14.

We work between 4 and 6 hours a day, mainly mornings and afternoons. Please be flexibil. The intensity and the workload increase and decrease with the process of the group. It will always be possible to determine your own pace and workload.


  • Loft: 1080.-Euros
  • Early bird (register before March 1st, 2022): 980.- Euro
  • Children (under 11 years): 660 euros / 590.-Euro early bird
  • Teens (11 – 17 years): 790.- Euro / 740.-Euro early bird
  • Double bedroom plus 75 euros for the entire time.

Food & cook

A cook will prepare the food for us  (not on the days off). To help her, we will organize a kitchen service that changes daily. In a well-equipped kitchen there are pots, plates, cutlery, etc. that can be used by everyone.

approx. 28.- EUR per day / person. Please bring in cash for the household budget.


The seminar is intended for everyone with generally good physical and mental health. Participation is subject to 2-3 weekend seminars with Pia André.

The House

The Arlequí dance studio is located in a large farmhouse (the “Mas Llapart”) that was built in the 17th century. Between fields, meadows and forests it is about 3km outside the city of Banyoles in northeastern Spain. A lake for swimming is nearby and the Mediterranean is about 40 minutes away.


Arlequi – Mas Llapart
Barri Sant Maurici
E-17840 Camos / Girona


The comfort of the Arlequí is simple and intended for people who want to adapt to such living conditions. There are four showers (hot water), four toilets and several sinks in three bathrooms. We have about 25 beds, divided into 6 rooms, some of them with old Catalan beds and the former hayloft open to the south under the roof. This has a wooden floor and is designed as a common bedroom. From here you have a clear view of the landscape and the starry sky at night. People who want to sleep in the attic should bring bedding and sleeping bags, mattresses are available. The rooms are intended for two people each. We provide the bedding and blankets. If you want to book one of the rooms, please indicate this when you register. A room costs € 75 extra for the entire duration of the course.

Please bring

  • comfortable clothes and shoes for leisure and training
  • Long pants for dance training
  • many change T-shirts
  • Everything you need to stay in the sun
  • At least 2 pairs of rattan sticks (length at least 70cm)
  • 1 rattan stick about 200cm long (if available)
  • 1 personal drinking bottle,
  • swimwear and towels,
  • sleeping bag, sleeping mat, sheets, pillows & mosquito nets for the attic.
  • Musical instruments, games, slackline, etc. for free time are welcome.
  • What else do you need? 🙂


We will send out a list of participants about 3 weeks before the course starts. If you want, you can join others for the journey and / or carpool.

By bus or train to Girona

There are hourly buses to Banyoles from Girona. The bus station is directly behind the train station. From Banyoles by taxi to Arlequií (approx. 3 km, approx. 8 euros).

By car

Coming from France on the motorway to Figueres Norte (Sortida 3, Figueres – Roses), then Figueres Center Ciutat, turn right towards Besalu – Olot, after 12 km left towards Banyoles. Motorway to Girona Norte is faster and easier, then exit to Banyoles / Olot.
Once you have reached Banyoles, you first drive towards the town center and then leave Banyoles on the road towards Mieras – Santa Pau Olot (not Besalu – Olot!). At the end of the village you will pass a hotel (Hostal L’Ast), then a sulfur-containing fountain (font pudosa) and finally a pump factory (bombas espa). At the next intersection, turn left towards Roca Corba – Hostal Can Closes – Pujarnol, which is why the street is called Carretera de Pujarnol. After about 1.5 km on this street on the left there is a farm with many olive trees, Can Oliveres, and 100 m further on the junction the arlequi recognizable among other things by the large wooden gate and the original name of the house CanLLapart.

By plane

from Girona airport by bus to Girona train station, from there by bus to Banyoles.
From Barcelona airport by train to Estacion Sants station, then by train to Girona, from there by bus to Banyoles or by bus directly from Barcelona to Banyoles.
There is a direct Barcelona-Banyoles bus, working days: 9:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 9:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. The bus runs from Carrer Pau Claris, 118th underground connection: Passeig de Gracia or Urquinaona or Placa Cataluña.