Teachers Training

Contemporary Dance meets Contact Improv and Filipino Stickfighting

 Beginning  May 2024

Movement training takes time. Time to experience, experiment, reflect, integrate…. Martial arts and dance are learned through practice, which is why the Dance Fight Grow training is designed for a period of 4 years. It comprises 390 lessons.

Your intensive and dense process is important to me. I accompany you over the entire time and you get all my knowledge and the entire method imparted during this time. After this training you will be able to offer great, inspiring lessons for your clients, course participants, patients, learners!
Do you like to be on the move and want to go deeper, maybe even teach yourself?
Do you already work with dance and martial arts and want to broaden your horizons and learn something new?

In this training you benefit from my 35 years of experience and teaching in dance and martial arts.

On the basis of contemporary dance, contact improvisation and Filipino martial arts, you get a solid knowledge of movement, philosophy, methodology, didactics … composition, rhythm, choreography, lifts, roles, elements, drills, sparring …… .

My vision has always been to understand myself, others and life better. To make the world where I am a little bit more colorful, free, loving, conscious, attentive and better … Through martial arts and dance I see more clearly, as if under a magnifying glass, who I am, what moves, touches and inspires me and what’s happening around me. I find ways into my strength, creativity and lightness and can change, tackle and transform things.

Release more presence, strength, light, joy, liveliness and connect with others, nature and life ….

The Dance Fight Grow training consists of the following modules:

Annual training and a weekend seminar in Freiburg (1st & 4th year)
Dance – Move – Fly, Dance – Fight – Create, Be in your Element (2nd year)
Summer Retreat in Spain and 2 projects (3rd year)
personal coaching approx. 4x per year

Our book “New Dance and Stick Martial Art” is the basis and you will receive it free of charge at the beginning of your training. The participants prepare further protocols and notes of practice and theory themselves. You can also book individually each year.

Content and specific goals


  • Development of physical skills such as Study of “body-mind-work” (work with the knowledge of the body),
  • right-left and eye-hand coordination, medium muscle tension for smooth movements, strength, stable structure, permeability, etc.       
  • healthy handling of dynamics and momentum       
  • Improve your own learning ability       
  • Basic vocabulary and tools in dance, movement and martial arts 
  • Training techniques and reflexes in dance and martial arts       
  • Merging dance and fight (experiencing and understanding the closeness of dance and free fight – letting go of techniques)
  • Awareness in movement and touch       
  • Mindfulness for time and space, closeness, distance, delimitation, flow …       
  • Find focus of your own actions       
  • Improvisation and composition       
  • Development and integration of your own training culture into everyday life       
  • Deepening of the learned applications and basics       
  • Improve self-awareness and reflectivity       
  • Strengthen our health, harmony in everyday life, strength and self-confidence


  • Meta level of work
  • Principles like space,
  • time, rhythm, closeness and distance
  • 5 elements, Godai
  • Inhibition as the primary principle in martial arts and dance
  • Dealing with stress
  • Learn to learn
  • Information about erection, creativity and balance
  • Understand the difference between fighting and playing
  • Improve your own learning ability
  • Structures for improvisation and performance work
  • How do I develop a choreography?
  • Improve self-awareness and reflectivity
  • Establish a connection to everyday life
    Didactics & methodology: e.g.
  • “How do I teach mixed groups?” (Importance of integration)


1st year:

The training begins with the annual advanced training Dance – Fight – Grow and a weekend seminar in Freiburg. The topic in the first year is to learn and use a basic vocabulary in dance and stick martial arts, to create good habits from the beginning and to support the creation of your own practice culture.

At the end of the year, the participant presents a first independently designed solo.

2nd year:

In the 2nd year the focus is on the projects: Dance – Move – Fly, Dance – Fight – Create (Langstock), Be in your Element. If it is not possible to take part in the appointment, the missing hours can be attended in consultation with us in the annual training.

At the end of the year, the participant presents another independently designed solo.

3rd year:

In the 3rd year, the participant deepens their own process in the summer retreat “Dance – Fight – Grow” in Spain and 2 other seminars or projects in Freiburg.

Project work:
For the 3rd year own project work belongs. Your own project as a course, seminar, dance or theater AG is carried out and documented independently. A presentation will take place as part of a seminar. Submit the written concept beforehand.

4th year:

The fourth year of training takes place again in the annual advanced training dance – fight – grow as well as in a weekend seminar in Freiburg.

The participant also works on a performance with 2-5 people. The participant directs, organizes the rehearsal process, structures and choreographs the dance piece.

The participants write a documentation about their own process.

Questions that include are asked and answered:

How did the time of the training move me?
What has changed in me, my life and / or my work?
What did time mean to me?
Where did I apply the work or the principles of the work?
What are the consequences? etc.


Per year: 1640.- €
Total fee: € 6560.-
Rates: 410.- € quarterly,
(other installments are possible by arrangement).

In the third year there are additional costs for an overnight stay in Arlequi (Spain): € 25 per day, plus meals around € 18 per day.

The participant is responsible for arrival and departure.


Please  use the linked registration form :

The weekend seminars in spring and autumn in Freiburg serve as a mutual orientation.