“For me, dance fight grow means to find enormous peace, strength and serenity. The deep grounding through dance and stick fighting relaxes and at the same time makes me stronger, more open. It gives me more selfconfidence. This  protects me and I can open myself more at the same time. In addition, I stay mentally and physically super fit :)) Honestly: I have attended soooo many workshops and lecturers over the past 15 years, but nobody can convey content and values as well and clearly as Pia. She takes everyone with her. I feel good, accepted, understood, perceived, free and learn something new about myself and some technical skills every time.
Finally: Love it :)“

Kerstin Reif

“Dance Fight Grow is a powerful experience of your own physical potential. Working with the various fencing weapons, integrated into the framework of your own fencing system and opposing the freedom of improvisation and dancing with its principles and techniques has given me inner strength and ease. A mixture of tension and relaxation, protective space and being pushed out of my comfort zone with a “shift” every now and then has brought me further in my personal development. “

Arne Schneider

“I haven’t felt so alive, free, playful and grounded for a long time.

What particularly concerns me is the thought: I’m responsible for my own mood. I always have the opportunity to stop and make new decisions – and to see that as an opportunity

makes me happy, freer and more relaxed in everyday life. “and seeing that as an opportunity

makes me happy, free and more relaxed in everyday life.”

Sylvia Oschmann

Since the weekend with Pia, I have been able to connect my head and my body much easier in everyday life and in my work.

This created new spaces and possibilities for action in my profession as a body therapist and for my private life.
Pia has a wonderful way of inviting you to exercise (physically and mentally).

Volker Dingeldey

“… very touching, motivating and absolutely inspiring. Pia`s way to pick up the participants, to give them courage and to trust themselves is impressive !!! Transferring fighting and dance to everyday life is a very effective way of coping with stress …. incredibly enriching !!! “

Jasmin Hilger

“Pia’s art is to feel vibrations as early as a snake, to see like an eagle, to dive in like a fish, to be rooted in work like a tree, soaked from the source of your own work and your own life and fearless like a tigress. “

“Here I experienced how every single person grew beyond himself. At your own pace, with your topic, with the support you need. Always demanded, but not underwhelmed!

Simply magic :).

Maythin Gutjahr