Management Training

Leadership is a complex process. It requires certain character traits, skills and abilities.

However, the efficiency of leadership often fails due to the appearance of a manager, his empathy, determination and ability to act in difficult situations.
The appearance can be assigned a key role here. The first (and further) impression is often decisive for the credibility in front of employees and customers. Sovereign presence arises from physical and mental self-confidence and the respective situational inner attitude.

It is often difficult to find out reasons for the lack of optimal effectiveness. With considerable expertise and intuition, superiors, employees and customers track down weaknesses.
For an efficient leadership it is absolutely necessary to deal with the topic of your own effectiveness. There is often little time and energy left in everyday business. Awareness with yourself takes time and effort.

Such basics can best be learned outside of the business and production process in time-related training.

Martial arts supports leadership

Martial arts offers the opportunity to recognize and train basic principles that are decisive for conflicts of all kinds. In combat, too, it is vital to correctly assess your abilities and resources. To make the right decision based on knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses is part of the training.
Working with Escrima, a stick fighting art, gives impulses into grounding and centering as a necessary prerequisite for persistence, powerful and playful at the same time.
The development of personal attitudes and physical expressiveness serves to clarify the situation and opens access to one’s own resources.
The dynamic work in a duel-like situation demands lightning-fast decisions and reactions as well as a high level of permeability.
The extensive coordinative requirements in dangerous encounters can only be achieved with an open and alert attitude and a willingness to face new challenges.
Adaptability, respect and teamwork are just as important as determination and perseverance.

What do we offer?

Competent and experience-based analysis and training in leadership-relevant properties and competencies.

Experience is gained in specific exercises in the context of martial arts and transferred to the personal and management area.