4. Dance Fight Teach Perform

July 01. - 02., 2023 / Dance Fight Teach Perform Festival

Sa 12h – Su 16h
Freie Waldorfschule Rieselfeld,
Ingeborg – Drewitz – Allee 1,
self-assessment of € 120 to € 180)

Summer, party and open door!
You can come and just be there, or help shape, perform, organize …
Please simply register by email and briefly describe what you would like to contribute or that you are just coming. I moderate and coordinate the training units and performances and in the evening there is music and dance to the point. We celebrate and eat in a beautiful place in Freiburg. An opportunity to meet old friends or to meet new stick fighters and dancers. Exchange and networking, mutual inspiration and vision development are the goals. You are cordially invited!
This weekend is for everyone who has had contact with stick martial arts and dance. No matter whether you are just starting out or have been using and living the work for a long time. The idea is that we teach each other and give feedback. There will also be time for performances and open sessions, jams, improvisations. A huge open space. We can spin and try out ideas together. An opportunity to network, meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, move / dance / train with others. Once a year a family reunion and a big party. Registration by email by June 7th. Please brief information letter with concerns, ideas, wishes and information such as: I just come to celebrate, I like to teach a unit or I show my new solo, duo, time frame et