Autumn Intensiv

Okt 31. - Nov 03. 2024 / DFG Autum Intensiv

Enjoy the autum powerful, creative and fit

Energizing, breathing, nature bathing, explore the elements, light, the joy of moving together, sharing … After this long and challenging time, we come back to ourselves, find new contact with ourselves and with others.

Playfully strengthen the body and mind through stick fighting and movement training. Find the harmony and balance in ourselves again. Letting the body express itself, giving space to what is moving you, leads to strength and healing.

Follow the body with its individual possibilities of expression, strengthen it in its function. Surrender to the flow of movement in a fighting and dancing manner. Find the joy of individual creativity. Catch the moment and follow your own impulses spontaneously. Risking new things and appreciating the old. By refining the body perception and researching the anatomical relationships, the economic and functional movement of the body is learned.

With specific exercises in stick fighting, the muscles are strengthened and stabilized and at the same time the general well-being is increased, because the physical and mental well-being are closely linked.

Exchange, contact, being in the flow, art, laughing, listening …

Long and short stick, contact improvisation, contemporary dance
Thu 12 noon – 6pm / Fri – Sun 10am – 4pm
Free Waldorf School Rieselfeld, Ingeborg – Drewitz – Allee 1, 79111 Freiburg im Breisgau
360.- €