Be in your element 2024

Module one: annual training DFG
The origin of the 5 element theory lies in the tantric teachings from Tibet and India. You can find them almost everywhere in the eastern philosophies in China and Japan and also in the western world, but here mostly with only four elements (earth, water, fire, air).
Basically, this philosophical direction teaches that all aspects of being and life have a common source and can be classified into five elements. These elements represent symbols or categories with which one can describe natural processes and conditions. We use this system to better understand the forces of nature, ourselves and others. The transfer to the structures and requirements of daily life at work, in our relationships, in dealing with and communicating with others are the main values that can help us to lead a fulfilling life today.
In this project we move and find the elements in us. For this we work in contact with nature. Exposing ourselves directly to the elements. Some elements we developed and used in the past, some feel strange and unknown. The aim is to integrate all elements in us, to find our entire potential and to let it go. We will dance, dance, dance … research, move, play together … try out new movements and learn … and much more.

  • May 09. – 12., June 15. – 16., July 25. – 28.
  • Freiburg
  • 850.-€

Freie Waldorfschule Rieselfeld, Ingeborg – Drewitz – Allee 1, 79111 Freiburg im Breisgau