Dance Fight Grow
meets Wim Hof Method

April 23.- 24. 2022

In collaboration with Michael Nuss
(certified Wim Hof instructor and has been leading Wim Hof workshops, weekends and retreats since 2018)

On this special weekend, we are combining Dance Fight Grow with the Wim Hof method.

Both methods help us:

  • To connect with the body (Body-Mind Connection)
  • Recognize and relearn our patterns
  • to gain greater inner freedom

In the Wim Hof method, we will connect with the body with the help of breathing techniques and experience in the ice bath that we are much more capable than we might think about ourselves in everyday life.

An important element in Dance Fight Grow is the art of stick fighting. Through it you feel your inner strength and take a close look at how you react in stressful situations and how it is possible to write a new script playfully and with ease in order to gain more room for maneuver in stressful situations.

This weekend we will introduce you to the basics of both methods and explore them in a playful way, which means that no previous knowledge is required and beginners are very welcome.

You will be inspired by this weekend, new energy is flowing through your life and go home with many new possibilities to shape your everyday life more consciously.

We look forward to you!

Sat 12am – 6pm, Sun 10am – 4pm
350.- €
Free Waldorf School Rieselfeld, Ingeborg – Drewitz – Allee 1, 79111 Freiburg im Breisgau