Theatertage am See

March 22. - 24, 2024 / 39. Theatertage am See

Dance  Fight Grow

Contemporary dance and contact improvisation, filipino stickfighting in Friedrichshafen


Theater may fight…and dance
A captivating combination of movement and energy

Contemporary dance and stick fighting give theater the freedom to express themselves on stage and present unique, unusual artistic expressions. These two art forms bring a variety of possibilities and elements to the theater world.

Contemporary dance allows dancers to tell stories with their bodies and express emotions in a very special way. By using different dance styles and techniques, you will learn to create movements that fascinate the audience and take them into another world. Contemporary dance allows artists to cross boundaries and explore new avenues of physical expression.

The Filipino stick fighting art brings a powerful and dynamic aesthetic to the stage. By using sticks or other weapons, we develop impressive choreographies that demonstrate both physical strength and precision. Stick fighting allows you to create an energetic atmosphere and delight the audience with captivating fight scenes.

The combination of contemporary dance and stick fighting in the theater opens up new possibilities for presenting extraordinary stories. It allows you to create a unique and fascinating connection between movement and martial arts. This combination can highlight both physical and emotional aspects in a performance, providing audiences with an intense and unforgettable theatrical experience.

Overall, contemporary dance and the Filipino stick fighting allow theater to expand its artistic boundaries and explore new forms of expression. These two art forms bring a variety of movements, emotions and visual elements to the stage and enrich the theater world with their unique aesthetics.

All levels! The content can be transferred in many ways, e.g. in theater work or other artistic, social or therapeutic contexts.

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